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Edmonton Neighbourhoods

Question: Who Said?
“The three most important things about real estate is location, location, location."

Practically every Real Estate Agent on the planet.


Well I guess I am no different, I too believe that old axiom to be true, especially if one is primarily investing in Real Estate. However, as a home owner one needs to live in a place that is conducive to one’s well being, therefore I do prize the “community of neighbourhood” as an important factor in making one’s home purchase decision.


The pages that make up this section will explore the various neighbourhoods as I come across them in my daily Realtor activity and hopefully can provide some useful information about the neighbourhoods that make up our great City of Champions.


There are many ways to define neighbourhoods in a City. Politically, The City of Edmonton is divided up into 12 Wards (1 through 12 - up from the previous 6 Wards, this came into effect October 18, 2010 – the last municipal election). Each Ward represented by a Councillor.

Edmonton City Wards Map


Then we have Edmonton Public School (EPSB) which are divided into 9 Wards (A through I) And then we have the Catholic School (ECSD) which are divided into 7 Wards (71 through 77). Both are represented by a School Trustee for each Ward.

Edmonton Public School Wards Map
Edmonton Catholic SchoolWards Map


The Realtors Association of Edmonton (and by extension Realtors) divide the city into Zones, (more on this later).

Edmonton Real Estate Board Zone Map


And finally the mother of all City area segmentation is Canada Post’s Postal Codes, (more on this much later).


Is all this important to know if I am buying a house? The answer to that is definitely maybe. If like me you have a toddler who will soon be of school age, the school zones will most definitely be important. However, as stated on both EPSD and ECSD websites respectively, this may not be the issue it once was.

Implemented more than two decades ago, Edmonton Public Schools created its revolutionary open boundary system. This allows parents and students to pursue educational programming study in a learning environment of their choice. EPS

Edmonton Catholic Schools features an open boundary system. Therefore, students are free to enroll at the school of their choice, given adequate availability of resources and a suitable educational program. ECS

However, by living in one zone with the school in another will no doubt see you chauffeuring your little one perhaps way across town and who needs that aggravation?


So if you are looking for a house determined by what school you want how do you choose a school? One resource you might want to check out is The Fraser Institute’s ratings and rankings of Alberta schools.

Neighbourhood Spotlight:
Lago Lindo Edmonton
Lago Lindo

Lago Lindo is situated in the North of Edmonton. The name is taken from Spanish meaning 'pretty lake.'

Edmonton Views
Dove of Peace above the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton
Klarvatten, Edmonton
Canada Place Edmonton


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